Why choose Kookoo?

Product Advantage

Kookoo for Small Business.

It’s Simple! With IVR, Call Routing, Live Chats & even CRM altogether. You’ll never look at isolated PBX/ business phone options again.

Kookoo’s real advantage is that it packs all features for great customer interactions in a really, really easy-to-use system. Small businesses can plug into Kookoo from anywhere. And manage all their voice and live chat interactions far easier & better than any cloud PBX, VOIP business phone or PBX system can match up to. If yours is a small business, see why Kookoo is the one-stop solution for all your customer interaction needs.


It’s just right for small business

Cloud PBX or VoIP phone don’t do as much, while abridged versions of enterprise contact centers are too complicated and expensive. Kookoo is built just right for small businesses. With all the advantages you need, and none of the complications you don’t:

  • No set up costs.
    A PC, Headset and an Internet connection is all you need.. It’s cloud based so you can login from anywhere too.


  • No training needed.
    Unlike complicated call center software, you don’t waste any time or money in training. Our dashboard’s been specially designed to be user – friendly and intuitive – so anyone can login and start using it immediately.


  • Unlimited agents.
    Unlike other plans out there, Kookoo doesn’t charge per agent. Unlimited staff can login.You can multitask your workforce. Plus loop in temporary staff,whenever the going gets tough.


  • Priced less. Does more.
    No need to look for separate call center software and PBX systems for your business. We have packed IVR + CRM Lite + Real Time Insights + Intelligent call management + toll free + local numbers —all in one place. Its not just priced less. Like you, it does more.

Easiest way to delight your customers.

We’ve carefully built in every feature small businesses need for great customer interactions. So connect & delight in a matter of minutes.

  • Recognize your customer
    Recognize your customer – the instant they call. Research proves this increases satisfaction levels by 70% straightaway


  • Know them better.
    CRM lite stores and processes basic customer information in an easy to understand manner. So your agents can be informed and have better conversations. Plus you can analyze customer trends and moods.


  • Don’t keep customers waiting.
    With Kookoo your agents can be on 5 concurrent calls/chats. So customers aren’t kept on hold for long.


  • Auto receptionist.
    Have your customers greeted by professional welcome messages, after hour and holiday messages. You’ll set them up in seconds—no voice artists or recording studio needed.


  • Live chat.

    Research proves that live chat increase conversions by 25%. That’s why Kookoo integrates live chat interactions to your webpage, Facebook page or smartphone application.


  • Easy.
    Kookoo has designed the most user-friendly dashboard ever.So you and your agents can use it from day one. No IT Manager, or training needed.

Fastest way to transform your workforce

Kookoo is packed with features that help use your workforce more effectively:

  • Intelligent call management
    Smoothly routes calls & evenly distribute workloads. So, customers are never kept waiting


  • Keep a tab.
    Login from anywhere and know which of your agents is logged in and who’s on a break. See how much the average call times are and how long the queues are getting.


  • Improve conversation quality.
    Listen in to conversations at anytime to help improve the quality.


  • Organize better.
    Kookoo warns you when calls are expected to be highest and lets you know if you are understaffed or overstaffed.


  • And it’s all super fast to set up.
    You’re guided through set up in minutes. And that’s it – you’re ready to receive or make your first call or chat. You pick.

Unparalleled flexibility.

We’ve put together everything in one place so you can be anyplace.

  • Unlimited agents.
    Kookoo has no limits to number of agents. So any or all your workforce can pitch in when needed. And you can reorganize your workforce flexibly based on their skills, strengths and expertise.


  • Be anywhere.
    You and your teams can login from anywhere. Tap into home-based workers or give your agents flexibility to work from home.


  • Change your set up or call routing anytime and from anywhere.

Unbeatably low prices. Zero set up cost.

You don’t need any hardware or software to use Kookoo. With just a PC, Internet connection and a headset you’re ready to answer calls or live chats from anywhere.

  • No infrastructure costs.
    A PC, Internet connection and a headset is all you or your agents need to login.


  • No business phones required.
    Answer calls directly off the internet through your PC and headset.


  • No software needed.


  • No IT managers required.
    No IT managers required.We maintain your software so you don’t have to.No IT manager or other specialist needed.


  • No training required.
    Our dashboard has been designed so friendly and intuitive; you and your staff don’t need any training to use it.

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