Kookoo for Small Business.

Answers to all the doubts you have

What does your Kookoo product do?

Kookoo enables your business to setup a contact center in no time and get your customer interactions more professional with our embedded IVR, Intelligent Call Management, CRM Lite, Real Time Insights and Live Chat.

I am a small business owner with 5-10 employees, can I use your product?

Of course! We’ve built Kookoo especially for small businesses like yours. It can be used flexibly for anywhere between 2 to 50 employees.

So how can I start using Kookoo?

It’s simple—just sign up! We only require your cell phone number and name to give you a 14 day free trial.

So what happens after I sign up?

We auto generate a number that you can forward all your calls to. You can add in unlimited staff to answer these calls.

Just how many staff do I assign for answering calls?

With Kookoo you can assign one or all your staff to answer calls. And not even one needs to be answering calls full time.

How many phone devices will I need to purchase?

With Kookoo, your calls get routed through the Internet. You don’t even need one business phone. You and your staff login through their Internet browsers and take calls via headphones.

If I take a new number with Kookoo what happens to my old one?

Keep it by all means. If customers call on your old number, just forward all calls to the number you took from us. Kookoo’ll smoothly transfer and manage the calls—and your customer will never know.

So what are the numbers I can get through Kookoo?

Kookoo gives you a toll free number or local number of your choice when you purchase/sign up.

What countries can I access Kookoo from?

Kookoo can be accessed from anywhere. But currently we provide toll free and local numbers only for United States.

Is Kookoo just a PBX system then?

No, Kookoo is far more. You get a professional auto receptionist, intelligent call management systems, real time insights, and CRM lite features. Plus, you can manage your website’s live chats from the same window. It’s really like getting call center features in an easy to set up manner —within even the smallest of businesses. You wont know how you managed without it.

OK, so Kookoo is a software right?

No, it’s more like a doorway to whole bundle of applications. Software are programs like Microsoft Word and Excel that you install on your computer. They occupy space on your hard disk; have minimum system requirements and one particular function. Whereas, you don’t install Kookoo — you just login & access it from any system anywhere. And it’s as easy to use as a smartphone app.

You keep saying Kookoo is on the cloud? What does that mean?

It’s simple really. You don’t install Kookoo on your hard disk and worry about crashes and backup. You just login to the internet and start using it. From anywhere.

I can go back and listen in to my recordings. That’s great! How many recordings do you store?

Right now, it’s unlimited. Yes, really! We’re offering to store every single voice recording routed through Kookoo—for a full 30 days, at no additional cost.

How do I pay for Kookoo?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club cards for payments.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You’re free to cancel anytime. When you do, we’ll simply stop charging your credit card the monthly fee of $49.9 (or $19.9 if you took advantage of the introductory price)

Can I download my real time insights and call recordings?

You can download your data records in excel format from the CDR report ( Call Detail Report). Audio recordings can be downloaded individually.

What if I want to keep my old number? Can I still use Kookoo?

Yes. You can port US toll-free and local numbers in and out of Kookoo, just like any other telephone company. Unfortunately currently we aren’t able to port numbers from areas where Kookoo does not provide service. This means all countries outside the US including Canada.