Easier than your favorite game.

How it Works

Kookoo for Small Business.

A few minutes to set up – and no time to learn.

It’s ready to use right away. Just sign up for a free trial. (No credit card needed). Set up your IVR in 3 easy steps. And get the Kookoo edge from the very next call or chat.


Recommended steps & hacks:

We believe our package is so easy and intuitive you just need to try it to be convinced.

  • Sign Up! The first step is to sign up. Just key in your email ID and cell phone number. Type in the OTP we send and you’re good to go. As easy as that – no credit card or firm details needed.

  • For your free trial, we’ll auto generate a number. Calls made from or diverted to this number will now be routed through our system.

  • To make the most of your trial be sure to divert your company calls here.

  • Next, set up your auto attendant’s (IVR) welcome message. This is the fun part – and will take a minute at the most. Just type and convert to voice.

  • Next choose an agent or two. Remember any or all of your employees can double up as your contact center agents. In fact ALL of them can! We have no restrictions on number of agents. 

  • That’s it; just let the calls/chats start flowing in. Enjoy the benefits of VOIP PBX +contact center software+ CRM Lite+ insights all rolled in one.

  • Be sure to ping us if you have any trouble at all. Our live chat support is 24/7.

So go on – Enjoy 14 days of free contact center experience right within your set up.
You can sign up anytime during the trial. Take advantage of our introductory price of just $19.9 vs regular price of $49.9 (12 month contract)

Ready for a test flight?
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