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Product Overview

Kookoo for Small Business.

Get phone numbers, IVR, call routing, live chats & CRM in one package.

Unbelievably affordable plus easy to set up and use.


Finally, think beyond PBX and business phones limitations

When it comes to customer interactions, we realized small businesses are making big compromises. You’re either looking at outdated PBX /cloud PBX phone systems or expensive complicated cloud contact centers built for large enterprises. So we went ahead and built Kookoo – especially for small businesses. Kookoo is ultra affordable. And packed with every feature you’ll need for great customer interactions:


It smoothly transfers & distributes calls within your staff. And ensures they never miss a call, even on really busy days. It allows them to instantly recognize customers, tag customer moods, and conduct live chats over your web page. Keeping you in the loop, all the while – giving you the power to listen in to calls, monitor agent activity, know customer moods & take charge when need be.


With all these features and more, Kookoo needs no software, hardware or specialized people to operate. It’s a browser based application – so you just login to start answering/managing your voice & live chat interactions right away.

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